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While we’re not huge followers of trends, we can agree that there are certain shifts and new directions in design that inspire us all to transform and alter our living spaces. Rattan furniture is a must when you want effortlessly cool and bohemian decor for your home this season.


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Chandigarh Library ChairChandigarh Library Chair
Chandigarh Library Chair Sale price469.00 EUR
Chandigarh Box ChairChandigarh Box Chair
Chandigarh Box Chair Sale price449.00 EUR
J81 ChairJ81 Chair
FDB Møbler
J81 Chair Sale price1,089.00 EUR
J80 ChairJ80 Chair
FDB Møbler
J80 Chair Sale price609.00 EUR
Chandigarh Kangaroo ChairChandigarh Kangaroo Chair
Chandigarh Kangaroo Chair Sale price899.00 EUR
Rattan Bar StoolRattan Bar Stool
Rattan Bar Stool Sale price499.00 EUR
Rattan Bench 4Rattan Bench 4
Rattan Bench 4 Sale price899.00 EUR
Rattan Bench 3 - THAT COOL LIVINGRattan Bench 3
Rattan Bench 3 Sale price649.00 EUR
Rattan Bench 2Rattan Bench 2
Rattan Bench 2 Sale price499.00 EUR
Rattan Bench 1Rattan Bench 1
Rattan Bench 1 Sale price359.00 EUR
Alto Bar Stool - THAT COOL LIVINGAlto Bar Stool
Alto Bar Stool Sale priceFrom 769.00 EUR
Hako Low TableHako Low Table
101 CPH
Hako Low Table Sale price599.00 EUR
Nomad ChairNomad Chair
Nomad Chair Sale price1,590.00 EUR
Le Roi StoolLe Roi Stool
Le Roi Stool Sale price419.00 EUR
Le Roi BenchLe Roi Bench - THAT COOL LIVING
Le Roi Bench Sale price899.00 EUR
Bee Chair - THAT COOL LIVINGBee Chair
Bee Chair Sale priceFrom 1,190.00 EUR
Hako Tall TableHako Tall Table
101 CPH
Hako Tall Table Sale price469.00 EUR
Chandigarh Kangaroo FootstoolChandigarh Kangaroo Footstool
Chandigarh Kangaroo Footstool Sale price349.00 EUR
Chandigarh Junior Easy Lounge ChairChandigarh Junior Easy Lounge Chair
Rattan Office ChairRattan Office Chair
Rattan Office Chair Sale price599.00 EUR
Chandigarh Easy Lounge ChairChandigarh Easy Lounge Chair
Chandigarh Easy Lounge Chair Sale price749.00 EUR
Chandigarh Easy Lounge FootstoolChandigarh Easy Lounge Footstool
Chandigarh Easy Lounge Footstool Sale price349.00 EUR
Rattan Dining ChairRattan Dining Chair
Rattan Dining Chair Sale price559.00 EUR
Aesthetic sensibility through quiet, refined simplicity.

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