Dive into our Shelves Collection: Perfectly balancing style and utility. Expertly crafted to both showcase and organize your favorite items, our range of modern and durable shelving units are essential for any room.


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Chandigarh Book Rack 5Chandigarh Book Rack 5
Chandigarh Book Rack 5 Sale price699.00 EUR
Chandigarh Book Rack 6Chandigarh Book Rack 6 - THAT COOL LIVING
Chandigarh Book Rack 6 Sale price949.00 EUR
Bagou Bedside Table - THAT COOL LIVINGBagou Bedside Table - THAT COOL LIVING
Bagou Bedside Table Sale price229.00 EUR
Object094 Shelf - THAT COOL LIVINGObject094 Shelf - THAT COOL LIVING
Object094 Shelf Sale price1,090.00 EUR
Object095 Shelf - THAT COOL LIVINGObject095 Shelf
Object095 Shelf Sale price99.00 EUR
Save 19%
Dessus Wall Shelf - BlackDessus Wall Shelf - Black
Dessus Wall Shelf - Black Sale price339.00 EUR Regular price419.00 EUR
Rattan Storage CabinetRattan Storage Cabinet - THAT COOL LIVING
Rattan Storage Cabinet Sale price2,999.00 EUR
Paragraph ShelfParagraph Shelf
Paragraph Shelf Sale priceFrom 289.00 EUR
Sequence System 3Sequence System 3
FEIT design
Sequence System 3 Sale priceFrom 1,119.00 EUR
Sequence System 2Sequence System 2
FEIT design
Sequence System 2 Sale priceFrom 689.00 EUR
Sequence System 1Sequence System 1
FEIT design
Sequence System 1 Sale priceFrom 479.00 EUR
Save 19%
Dessus Wall Shelf - WhiteDessus Wall Shelf - White
Dessus Wall Shelf - White Sale price339.00 EUR Regular price419.00 EUR
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