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Our stools and side tables are multipurpose designs that instantly make a room feel more complete, cozy, and welcoming. Make your space complete with our handpicked selection, and choose yours today.


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Porto Side TablePorto Side Table
Porto Side Table Sale price299.00 EUR
Earthernware TableEarthernware Table
Earthernware Table Sale price559.00 EUR
Echo Side TableEcho Side Table
Echo Side Table Sale price179.00 EUR
Axis Side TableAxis Side Table
Axis Side Table Sale price1,790.00 EUR
Wooden Zig ZagWooden Zig Zag
Wooden Zig Zag Sale price769.00 EUR
Thick Disk Side TableThick Disk Side Table
Thick Disk Side Table Sale price769.00 EUR
Tenna Night TableTenna Night Table
Tenna Night Table Sale price249.00 EUR
Sonder Side TableSonder Side Table
Sonder Side Table Sale price1,590.00 EUR
Airisto StoolAiristo Stool
Airisto Stool Sale price699.00 EUR
Silent StumpSilent Stump
Silent Stump Sale price1,090.00 EUR
Luppa Coffee Table - NaturalLuppa Coffee Table - Natural
Luppa Coffee Table - Natural Sale price249.00 EUR
Luppa Coffee Table - BrownLuppa Coffee Table - Brown
Luppa Coffee Table - Brown Sale price199.00 EUR
Arc de Stool '52Arc de Stool '52
Arc de Stool '52 Sale priceFrom 1,190.00 EUR
Arc de Stool '37Arc de Stool '37
Arc de Stool '37 Sale priceFrom 939.00 EUR
Magazine RackMagazine Rack
Magazine Rack Sale price3,190.00 EUR
Wooden Side Table - BlackWooden Side Table - Black
Wooden Side Table - Black Sale price1,390.00 EUR
Pixel Side TablePixel Side Table
Pixel Side Table Sale price929.00 EUR
Zig Zag StoolZig Zag Stool
Zig Zag Stool Sale price379.00 EUR
Cement StoolCement Stool
Cement Stool Sale price399.00 EUR
Pinion Side TablePinion Side Table
Pinion Side Table Sale priceFrom 699.00 EUR
Arch Side TableArch Side Table
Arch Side Table Sale price499.00 EUR
Duke Side TableDuke Side Table
Duke Side Table Sale price299.00 EUR
Fin Side TableFin Side Table
Fin Side Table Sale price479.00 EUR
Quartz Side TableQuartz Side Table
Quartz Side Table Sale price279.00 EUR
Gear Side TableGear Side Table
Gear Side Table Sale price549.00 EUR
Curved Side TableCurved Side Table
Curved Side Table Sale priceFrom 429.00 EUR
Ceramic Side TableCeramic Side Table
Ceramic Side Table Sale price349.00 EUR
Trish Side TableTrish Side Table
Trish Side Table Sale price365.00 EUR
Valentine Bedside Table | OakValentine Bedside Table | Oak
Valentine Bedside Table | Oak Sale price499.00 EUR
Valentine Bedside Table | BlackValentine Bedside Table | Black
Valentine Bedside Table | Black Sale price579.00 EUR
Mies Side TableMies Side Table
Mies Side Table Sale priceFrom 899.00 EUR
Naïve Side Table - BlueNaïve Side Table - Blue
Naïve Side Table - Blue Sale priceFrom 379.00 EUR
Naïve Side Table - PinkNaïve Side Table - Pink
Naïve Side Table - Pink Sale priceFrom 379.00 EUR
Naïve Side Table - YellowNaïve Side Table - Yellow
Naïve Side Table - Yellow Sale priceFrom 379.00 EUR
Naïve Side Table - WhiteNaïve Side Table - White
Naïve Side Table - White Sale priceFrom 379.00 EUR
Naïve Side Table - BlackNaïve Side Table - Black
Naïve Side Table - Black Sale priceFrom 379.00 EUR
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