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Whether you're hosting a dinner party or sitting down for a family meal, discover our range of dining tables, chairs and elegant tableware for an unforgettable eating experience.


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Lola ChairLola Chair
Lola Chair Sale price1,890.00
Drop Chandelier BulpDrop Chandelier Bulp
Drop Chandelier Bulp Sale priceFrom 899.00
Inku Tumbler - Set of 4
Inku Tumbler - Set of 4 Sale price89.00
Oku Round Dining TableOku Round Dining Table
Oku Round Dining Table Sale price2,390.00
Feast Plate - Red Swirl - Set of 2Feast Plate - Red Swirl - Set of 2
Black Object 02 Sale price99.00
Deco ChandelierDeco Chandelier
Deco Chandelier Sale price1,290.00
Dining ChairDining Chair
Dining Chair Sale price559.00
Ostrea Rock Glass Vase - Pale RoseOstrea Rock Glass Vase - Pale Rose
Feast Cutlery SetFeast Cutlery Set
Feast Cutlery Set Sale price199.00
Nova Dining TableNova Dining Table
Nova Dining Table Sale priceFrom 2,189.00
Passe-Partout White Wine Glass - Set of 4Passe-Partout White Wine Glass - Set of 4
Poppy Studies IIIPoppy Studies III
Poppy Studies III Sale price99.00
Base Low Plate - Set of 4Base Low Plate - Set of 4
Base Low Plate - Set of 4 Sale priceFrom 69.00
Hoya Chair - NaturalHoya Chair - Natural
Hoya Chair - Natural Sale price449.00
Canevas Geo RugCanevas Geo Rug
Canevas Geo Rug Sale price2,690.00
Inku Champagne Coupe - Set of 4
Cross SideboardCross Sideboard
Cross Sideboard Sale priceFrom 2,890.00
Drip Candle Holder - SilverDrip Candle Holder - Silver
Drip Candle Holder - Silver Sale priceFrom 75.00
Hippo Chair - BoucleHippo Chair - Boucle
Hippo Chair - Boucle Sale price1,090.00
Bouquet ChandelierBouquet Chandelier
Bouquet Chandelier Sale price5,790.00
Kolho ChairKolho Chair
Kolho Chair Sale priceFrom 1,690.00
Nomade Plate - Set of 2Nomade Plate - Set of 2
Nomade Plate - Set of 2 Sale price79.00
Kolho Dining TableKolho Dining Table
Kolho Dining Table Sale priceFrom 11,990.00
Babel Serving StandBabel Serving Stand
Babel Serving Stand Sale price329.00
675 Chair675 Chair
675 Chair Sale price519.00
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Canyon Vase Large - ClearCanyon Vase Large - Clear
Canyon Vase Large - Clear Sale price249.00
Black Sum Pendant - THAT COOL LIVINGBlack Sum Pendant - THAT COOL LIVING
Sum Pendant | Black Sale price449.00
Kigumi TableKigumi Table
Kigumi Table Sale priceFrom 1,479.00
FCK Bowl - White - Set of 2FCK Bowl - White - Set of 2
Elephant Chair - BoucleElephant Chair - Boucle
Elephant Chair - Boucle Sale price1,090.00
Capsule Carafe & Glass | SetCapsule Carafe & Glass | Set
Oki-Nami ChairOki-Nami Chair
Oki-Nami Chair Sale priceFrom 599.00
Psychter VasePsychter Vase - THAT COOL LIVING
Psychter Vase Sale price229.00
Oku Rectangle Dining TableOku Rectangle Dining Table
Oku Rectangle Dining Table Sale priceFrom 2,890.00
Feast Plate - Face - Set of 2Feast Plate - Face - Set of 2
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