GANDIABLASCO always seeks essentiality and timelessness in its creations, our natural inspiration source has always been the Mediterranean.

Design and Innovation

Design is our culture, we seek excellence. Our goal is to offer innovative products of the highest quality in their materials, elegant, functional and with differentiation and exclusivity in their unique designs. We seek to enrich the variety and style of our products through the plurality of languages of different designers.


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Buit ArmchairBuit Armchair
Buit Armchair Sale priceFrom 1,890.00 EUR
Buit PoufBuit Pouf
Buit Pouf Sale priceFrom 1,290.00 EUR
Onsen Club ChairOnsen Club Chair
Onsen Club Chair Sale price3,290.00 EUR
Onsen Lounge ChairOnsen Lounge Chair
Onsen Lounge Chair Sale price4,390.00 EUR
Onsen Sectional PoufOnsen Sectional Pouf
Onsen Sectional Pouf Sale price3,390.00 EUR
Onde Club ArmchairOnde Club Armchair
Onde Club Armchair Sale priceFrom 2,890.00 EUR
Onde PoufOnde Pouf
Onde Pouf Sale price1,490.00 EUR
Onde Dining ChairOnde Dining Chair
Onde Dining Chair Sale price1,990.00 EUR
Onde Dining TableOnde Dining Table
Onde Dining Table Sale price4,890.00 EUR
Onde 2-seater SofaOnde 2-seater Sofa
Onde 2-seater Sofa Sale priceFrom 6,290.00 EUR
Onde Lounge ChairOnde Lounge Chair
Onde Lounge Chair Sale priceFrom 4,390.00 EUR
Onde 3-seater SofaOnde 3-seater Sofa
Onde 3-seater Sofa Sale price8,490.00 EUR
Onde Sectional 1Onde Sectional 1
Onde Sectional 1 Sale priceFrom 5,590.00 EUR
Onde Sectional 2Onde Sectional 2
Onde Sectional 2 Sale price4,790.00 EUR
Onde Sectional 3Onde Sectional 3
Onde Sectional 3 Sale price2,790.00 EUR
Onde Sectional 4Onde Sectional 4
Onde Sectional 4 Sale priceFrom 4,790.00 EUR
Onde Round Coffee Table Ø60Onde Round Coffee Table Ø60
Onde Round Coffee Table Ø60 Sale price1,190.00 EUR
Onde Round Coffee Table Ø90Onde Round Coffee Table Ø90
Onde Round Coffee Table Ø90 Sale price1,990.00 EUR
Onde Square Coffee TableOnde Square Coffee Table
Onde Square Coffee Table Sale priceFrom 1,690.00 EUR
Onde Sectional PoufOnde Sectional Pouf
Onde Sectional Pouf Sale price2,490.00 EUR
Buit Coffee TableBuit Coffee Table
Buit Coffee Table Sale price1,290.00 EUR
Onsen 2-seat SofaOnsen 2-seat Sofa
Onsen 2-seat Sofa Sale price6,190.00 EUR
Onsen Sectional 1Onsen Sectional 1
Onsen Sectional 1 Sale price5,990.00 EUR
Onsen Sectional 2Onsen Sectional 2
Onsen Sectional 2 Sale price5,790.00 EUR
Onsen Sectional 3Onsen Sectional 3
Onsen Sectional 3 Sale price4,090.00 EUR
Onsen Sectional 4Onsen Sectional 4
Onsen Sectional 4 Sale price5,990.00 EUR
Onsen Sectional 6Onsen Sectional 6
Onsen Sectional 6 Sale price4,390.00 EUR
Onsen Coffee Table 76Onsen Coffee Table 76
Onsen Coffee Table 76 Sale priceFrom 1,990.00 EUR
Onsen Coffee Table 153Onsen Coffee Table 153
Onsen Coffee Table 153 Sale priceFrom 2,890.00 EUR
DNA Teak Chaise LoungeDNA Teak Chaise Lounge
DNA Teak Chaise Lounge Sale price2,190.00 EUR
DNA Teak Side TableDNA Teak Side Table
DNA Teak Side Table Sale price990.00 EUR
DNA Teak Lounge ChairDNA Teak Lounge Chair
DNA Teak Lounge Chair Sale price3,990.00 EUR
DNA Teak 2-Seat SofaDNA Teak 2-Seat Sofa
DNA Teak 2-Seat Sofa Sale price6,290.00 EUR
DNA Teak 3-Seat SofaDNA Teak 3-Seat Sofa
DNA Teak 3-Seat Sofa Sale price7,490.00 EUR
DNA Teak Sectional 1DNA Teak Sectional 1
DNA Teak Sectional 1 Sale price5,990.00 EUR
DNA Teak Sectional 2DNA Teak Sectional 2
DNA Teak Sectional 2 Sale price5,690.00 EUR
Durability and longevity.


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