Kolho Chair

Sale price1,690.00 EUR

Color: Just Rose

Made To Order (6-10 weeks)

The Kolho Chair is a unique and modern piece of furniture that combines right angles and serpentine forms to create a playful and balanced design. Made of plywood and available in various colorways, this chair is part of the Kolho series, which is inspired by the Apollo landing and a small town in Finland.

The serpent in the design represents temptation and chaos, which supports the flat plane of reason. The space between Reason and Chaos is that of PLAY, where our human nature can truly shine.

Whether used as a standalone piece or as part of a set with the Kolho Round Table, the Kolho Chair is sure to add a touch of creativity and style to any living or working space. Experience the perfect blend of design and function with the Kolho Chair.

L54 x W54 x H77 cm

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