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Illuminate your space with warmth and coziness. Discover our collection of candles and candleholders to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.


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Nami Candle HolderNami Candle Holder
Nami Candle Holder Sale price99.00 EUR
Taper Candles - Light LavenderTaper Candles - Light Lavender
Taper Candles - Light Lavender Sale price15.00 EUR
Anjou CandleholderAnjou Candleholder
Anjou Candleholder Sale price209.00 EUR
Alumina Candleholder - BlackAlumina Candleholder - Black
Alumina Candleholder - Black Sale price49.00 EUR
Taper Candles - Dusty GreenTaper Candles - Dusty Green
Taper Candles - Dusty Green Sale price15.00 EUR
Taper Candles - SandTaper Candles - Sand
Taper Candles - Sand Sale price15.00 EUR
Drip Candle Holder - SilverDrip Candle Holder - Silver
Drip Candle Holder - Silver Sale priceFrom 75.00 EUR
Drip Candle Holder - GoldDrip Candle Holder - Gold
Drip Candle Holder - Gold Sale priceFrom 75.00 EUR
Doublet Candleholder - SilverDoublet Candleholder - Silver
Doublet Candleholder - Silver Sale priceFrom 109.00 EUR
Doublet Candleholder - GoldDoublet Candleholder - Gold
Doublet Candleholder - Gold Sale priceFrom 109.00 EUR
Unity Candleholder - SilverUnity Candleholder - Silver
Unity Candleholder - Silver Sale price329.00 EUR
Unity Candleholder - GoldUnity Candleholder - Gold
Unity Candleholder - Gold Sale price329.00 EUR
Cobra Candle Holder | BlackCobra Candle Holder | Black
Cobra Candle Holder | Black Sale price99.00 EUR
Cobra Candle Holder | Bone WhiteCobra Candle Holder | Bone White
Big Tube Candle Holder | CoffeeBig Tube Candle Holder | Coffee
Mini Tube Candle Holder | CoffeeMini Tube Candle Holder | Coffee
Big Tube Candle Holder | Bone WhiteBig Tube Candle Holder | Bone White
Mini Tube Candle Holder | Bone WhiteMini Tube Candle Holder | Bone White
Calacatta Candle HolderCalacatta Candle Holder
Calacatta Candle Holder Sale price199.00 EUR
Taper Candles - TaupeTaper Candles - Taupe
Taper Candles - Taupe Sale price15.00 EUR
Taper Candles - Off-WhiteTaper Candles - Off-White
Taper Candles - Off-White Sale price15.00 EUR
Alumina Candleholder - AluminiumAlumina Candleholder - Aluminium
Arch CandleholderArch Candleholder
Arch Candleholder Sale priceFrom 79.00 EUR
Offset CandleholderOffset Candleholder
Offset Candleholder Sale priceFrom 69.00 EUR
Candle Holder Bowl - Solid BrassCandle Holder Bowl - Solid Brass
Candle Holder Bowl - ChromeCandle Holder Bowl - Chrome
Candle Holder Bowl - Chrome Sale price109.00 EUR
Candle Holder Bowl - BlackCandle Holder Bowl - Black
Candle Holder Bowl - Black Sale price109.00 EUR
Candle Holder Stand - BlackCandle Holder Stand - Black
Candle Holder Stand - Black Sale price149.00 EUR
Candle Holder Stand - ChromeCandle Holder Stand - Chrome
Candle Holder Stand - Chrome Sale price149.00 EUR
Candle Holder Stand - Solid BrassCandle Holder Stand - Solid Brass
Candle Holder - Solid BrassCandle Holder - Solid Brass
Candle Holder - Solid Brass Sale priceFrom 69.00 EUR
Candle Holder - ChromeCandle Holder - Chrome
Candle Holder - Chrome Sale priceFrom 49.00 EUR
Candle Holder - BlackCandle Holder - Black
Candle Holder - Black Sale priceFrom 49.00 EUR
Augie Tealight Holder/Vase | BlueAugie Tealight Holder/Vase | Blue
Augie Tealight Holder/Vase | YellowAugie Tealight Holder/Vase | Yellow
Globe CandlestickGlobe Candlestick
Globe Candlestick Sale price89.00 EUR
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