Cone Solid Pendant

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Finish: Oak


Experience the unique blend of form and function with the Solid Pendant by Terence Woodgate. This lighting piece showcases a pure cylindrical or conical shape, crafted from premium materials like oak, walnut, and marble. With a distinct rounded inner edge and a patented adjustable support for perfectly vertical hanging, each Solid Pendant is a work of art - its natural grain varying with each piece, ensuring your lighting is one-of-a-kind. With hidden fixings, the aesthetic remains unbroken and elegantly simple.

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Made to order (4-6 weeks)


- Solid Pendant in oak, walnut or marble
- Wood products lacquered matt
- 2m cable (∅ 4.5mm, 2 x 0.82)


W11 x D11 x H13 cm

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