Twist a Twill Throw - Corn Yellow

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Made to order (2-4 weeks)

Twist a twill is made from 100% worsted wool. The throw is made by a white warp (the warp is the threads that are vertical in the throw) and a colored weft (the threads which are horizontal in the throw). The mix of a white warp and a colored weft creates a lighter living expression in the design. With the slanted lines of twill weave as its base, the pattern plays with geometric shapes broken, twisted and turned, parted, and joined into new expressions.

This design is beautiful and simple. Twist a Twill’s pattern makes peace in our mind, while emphasizing the personality of each home the throw is brought to.


  • Material: 50% alpaca, 50% wool
  • Size: 190 x 130 cm
  • Care instructions: Dry clean

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